Apprenticeships Store - FE Week

May 06, 2021

Hi, I’m Aaron Madray and I work for Stockport Apprenticeships Store. We are part of Stockport Council, based within the Economy, Work and Skills team, and our aim is to help Stockport businesses, residents and communities to grow and flourish.

Here at the Apprenticeships Store, we provide free, impartial support and advice about apprenticeships. So, whether you’re looking for an apprenticeship yourself, a young person you’re supporting or even as an employer looking to recruit an apprentice, we can help.

We work closely with partners in the Education & Careers Advice Service, as well as the Job Centre, to give you a tailored experience to support your career goals. We have links with schools, colleges and training providers across the region, and our staff have years of specialist experience helping people of all ages to find the apprenticeship that best suits them.

We are dedicated to inclusivity. As a result we’re involved in a number of programmes to help increase access to apprenticeships, including the GMCA Removing Barriers project and a new GMLPN initiative to support young people with autism into apprenticeships.

Although our office is currently closed due to the pandemic, our remote support service is open to anyone. Contact us via to learn more, or to book a telephone or virtual appointment. Thank you.