Digital by Design

Showcase presentations for Digital by Design Programme

Digital by Design

Members Enquiry Tracker Demo.mp4

19 views May 15, 2023

The Members Enquiry Tracker logs enquiries that Councillors make with officers. This video...

Digital by Design

DigiKnow Get Online Week

88 views October 31, 2022

Different events organised by the DigiKnow partners during Get Online Week to help Stockport...

Digital by Design

Family Context tool.mp4

61 views August 09, 2022

The Family Context Tool is an open-source digital tool to support social worker decision-making...

Digital by Design

DigiKnow community classes

114 views June 06, 2022

There are free group classes in Stockport to help you get online and make the most of the...

Digital by Design

DigiKnow Volunteers Week 2022.mp4

228 views May 31, 2022

To mark Volunteers Week 2022, attendees at the Digital Skills class in Edgeley are saying Thank...

Digital by Design

Stockport Council Recite Me Accessibility Tool.mp4

117 views May 19, 2022

Recite Me is an accessibility tool on the council's website which allows you to change the way...

Digital by Design

Radically Digital Stockport Vision.mp4

142 views May 04, 2022

Digital is becoming central to everything. As a council that puts people at the heart of...

Digital by Design


57 views October 07, 2021

Call in at the One Stockport Hub during Get Online Week 18th to 23rd October.

Digital by Design


87 views September 22, 2021

Community Computers tech recycling scheme, part of DigiKnow Alliance

Digital by Design

Cllr Sedgwick uses OpenPlus.mp4

67 views July 15, 2021

A walk-through of how to use and register for OpenPlus at Stockport libraries.

Digital by Design

What does the data tell us

73 views August 02, 2021

The One Stockport Borough Plan is based on real data about Stockport.