The Turtle's Tale by Caitlin Marie Atherton.mp4

327 views April 30, 2021

A special storytime this week as Jenni reads The Turtle's Tale by Caitlin Marie Atherton. The...

Digital by Design

Stockport Council Recite Me Accessibility Tool.mp4

0 views May 19, 2022

Recite Me is an accessibility tool on the council's website which allows you to change the way...

Digital by Design

Radically Digital Stockport Vision.mp4

54 views May 04, 2022

Digital is becoming central to everything. As a council that puts people at the heart of...


Jess Vellino-Woodall

154 views February 20, 2020


Build a Business in GM Libraries

9 views March 23, 2022

Build A Business is an innovative new project aimed at small businesses, entrepreneurs and anyone...


Vaccine Information Session 15 Feb 2022

93 views February 17, 2022

Stockport Libraries and NHS Stepping Hill Library presents a panel of local doctors, nurses,...

Public Health

Our All Age Mental Health Strategy For Stockport

235 views February 10, 2022

This video outlines the way in which the new all age mental health strategy for Stockport will be...