The Turtle's Tale by Caitlin Marie Atherton.mp4

295 views April 30, 2021

A special storytime this week as Jenni reads The Turtle's Tale by Caitlin Marie Atherton. The...

Digital by Design


8 views September 22, 2021

Community Computers tech recycling scheme, part of DigiKnow Alliance


Spydus Mobile video.mp4

27 views September 17, 2021

Introductory video for Spydus Mobile


Local Plan.mp4

81 views August 26, 2021

Explaining Stockport's need for a Local Plan

Digital by Design

Cllr Sedgwick uses OpenPlus.mp4

25 views July 15, 2021

A walk-through of how to use and register for OpenPlus at Stockport libraries.

Digital by Design

What does the data tell us

39 views August 02, 2021

The One Stockport Borough Plan is based on real data about Stockport.


The Pirates Are Coming by John Condon and Matt Hunt.mp4

51 views June 08, 2021

Tom has a VERY important job; every day he climbs to the top of the hill and watches for pirate...


The Diddle That Dummed by Kes Gray and Fred Blunt.mp4

52 views June 03, 2021

A musical note drives a composer to despair when it won't do what all the other notes are doing....


The Littlest Yak by Lu Fraser and Kate Hindley

45 views June 07, 2021

Jenni reads the Stockport Children's Book Award The Littlest Yak by Lu Fraser and Kate Hindley....


Ten Little Monkeys by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty.mp4

40 views May 24, 2021

Storytime from Stockport Libraries and this week Jenni reads Ten Little Monkeys. Follow the ten...

Digital by Design

12 months of DigiKnow.mp4

28 views May 19, 2021

The DigiKnow movement is tackling digital exclusion in Stockport . Over the 12 months from April...


The Littlest Things give the Loveliest Hugs by Mark...

133 views November 27, 2020

Storytime from Stockport Libraries. Jenni from Stockport Libraries reads The Littlest Things give...