Baby and You

Baby and You - Session 1 - Relaxation Exercises

July 06, 2020
Relaxation Exercises


Relaxation is important throughout pregnancy and throughout our lives. It’s important, if you can, to practice mindfulness or meditation relaxation. It’s really good for our mental health and our emotional wellbeing. Also, if you are doing any sort of hypnobirthing, then you might find that doing visualisations really helps during all the stages of the labour process. I am going to do a script with you now so get yourselves into a nice comfortable position. There is no right or wrong way to meditate and relax, but the worst thing you can say to yourself is I must relax because it will make you feel tense. It’s just about being kind to yourselves. If during this relaxation script you feel like you need to move, change your position, or open your eyes, that is all fine. You do what feels right for you. For now, if you can get yourself in to a nice comfy position that suits you. So, pregnant people may want to lie on their left side or be sat up with some nice comfy pillows. Partners may want to lie down or curl up. Do whatever feels right for you. I’m going to invite you to close your eyes if you feel comfortable to. If not, just focus on spots on the floor and just let your eyes relax. We are about to start the script.

Make yourself comfortable and now simply allow your eyes to close and the muscle of your eyes to soften so that you are completely comfortable. Now, breathe in deeply and slowly at least 3 times. As you breathe out say to yourself release, release, release. All the sounds you hear, such as voices or the traffic, are part of this wonderful soothing experience. As you focus on my voice, imagine that there is a surging wave of pure serenity and calm above your head. Now imagine that that wave is going to wash down through your whole body bringing calm, relaxation, and peace, with it. You feel it first moving through your head and down your forehead releasing all the muscles, flowing over the bridge of your nose, through your eyelids and cheeks, which become smoother and calm. It surges through your lips, your jaw, and your mouth. Now, it moves on bringing calm and softness to your neck and your shoulders. The wave of calm and peace moves on down both of your arms, past your elbows, down your forearms, and into your hands where the wave laps finally at the very tips of your fingers like the tide on a calm shore. Release, release, release.

Now the wave of calm and softness slowly surges through your chest and down your stomach. It flows down your back and through your pelvis as every muscle grows naturally softer. Now the wave continues down both of your leg, down your thighs bringing comfort and softness. Down past your knees and down your calves and into your feet where the wave laps down at the very tips of your toes like wavelets on a sunny beach, bringing complete calm and peace. Now, release every single muscle in your whole body. Sooth and release. Your mind and your body are now in complete harmony in a state of very deep comfort and serenity.

Now, I want you to imagine a carpet. A magic carpet just like in tales of old. This carpet is on a lawn in front of a large and beautiful tree. You know that this carpet is going to give you a wonderful and very happy experience, so you quietly walk over and sit down on it. Now you think about the place where you would most enjoy being. It could be somewhere you have been before, somewhere you have never been to but always wanted to go, or a completely new place that only exists in your imagination. All that matters is that it’s a place where you would like to be. You are going to a place where you feel completely tranquil and serene. Nobody at all, other than you, will know where you are going because you don’t have to tell anybody. So, it is completely your own choice. All that matters is that you are going to a place where you are completely happy and at ease. Mentally, tell your magic carpet to take you to this place now that you have made this choice. When you do so, you feel the carpet tighten underneath you. The edges curl up around you so that it is like sitting safely and securely in a cupped hand. Now the carpet starts to rise only to the height at which you feel completely safe and happy. It begins to move away, skimming over the earth quietly and swiftly. You see ahead of you in the distance the exact place you want to be. You approach it closer and closer until you are hovering above it. The magic carpet gently begins to descend. Down, down, down, until you very softly land upon the ground in this very special place. You stand up and walk from the carpet and you go towards something that catches your eye.  As you come closer you see that it is a cradle filled with beautiful sweet smelling rose petals. You approach even closer as you see a small movement and then your heart leaps as you see a tiny new born baby resting on the petals and you realise this is your own baby for whom you have been waiting all these months. As you bend over your baby, you smile at absolute delight at seeing it and it looks at you with wide open eyes and you melt with tenderness and happiness. Pick your baby up and gently sit beside the rose covered cradle. You kiss your tiny baby’s face and nestle in to your chest where it naturally curls up warmly and contentedly. I will pause now, to enjoy this time with your baby for a few minutes as you relax blissfully until you hear my voice once again.

Time has come to return. Holding your baby safely and lovingly in your arms, you settle yourself comfortably back onto your magic carpet. You are well prepared for your baby’s birth as you know now how very happy being together is. Day by day, your love and confidence grow, and you know your subconscious mind is gently and subtly preparing you for the important day of your baby’s birth. You tell the carpet to take you back to the lawn beneath the tree. The carpet once more curls its sides up and holds you gently and safely like a large cupped hand. You feel it pressing against you as it starts to lift and ascending swiftly, you see once more the earth beneath you in miniature as you travel back to where you started. In the distance, you can see that beautiful tree and as you see it the carpet begins to descend and slows down until you are hovering by the tree. The carpet comes slowly down until very gently you feel the earth beneath you. As the carpet uncurls and lies flat and you are on the lawn by the tree again, but with the knowledge and the fulfilment and empowerment of what lies in store for you in the birth of your baby. You are now well-prepared for that day by being with your baby already, in your subconscious mind. You realise now what a wonderful experience you had. How very calm and happy you feel. Next time you do this you will become more and more tranquil and serene because you know how much you enjoy it. You understand the benefits it brings you to connect with your baby before its born. You look forward to birth and see it as the most wonderful and empowering experience. Meeting your baby happily and calmly. Now open your eyes and wait until you fully adjust to the here and now. Thank you.

That was lovely. Thanks. It’s rare that I get to relax. Thanks very much for this first session. We hope that you’ve enjoyed it. If you have any questions, speak to your community midwives and look out for the next session. Thanks very much.